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Art, dance and choreography that reclaims research as a physical value. Body as its main subject and intellect from where the performer observes and investigates in others, self and more, having a direct transparent and energetic body-to-body experience. Recognising body as its proper source of material; as a book, a map, a landscape, a universe, a herstory. The body including more than the mere human, being cellule, plant, animal, astral.


I’m used to immense
from having lived on an island, where the sea was always close to us. Much of my being
outside had to do with touching. Climbing trees and picking flowers.
Nature is really important.


The first thing I discovered is that this world of dance is huge. The more we get to know it,
the bigger it is.
For example, I first thought that if I relate to my body, then a tendu is a tendu and laying on the floor is laying on the floor. The more I practice, the more I understand that there’s no such thing as just that. There are so many ways of doing, seeing, experiencing, understanding, combining, thinking, sensing, moving…


Each day becoming more aware of how we use our bodies, and how we relate to people and other through these bodies – anatomical and energetic. How we communicate, how we navigate our cells and selves, connect and expand.


How I move is very much a sensation – tactile, but also listening, smelling, watching, tasting, perceiving and imagining. Dance can be everything, and everywhere. Like walking on the street. Biking from one place to another. As when moving your body in space and each part of your body is moving within, in all directions.


Dancing understands a lot of different philosophies, ways of relating to life and what your personal obsessions and passions might be. There’s no one truth, we’re each living in a (proprio)perception of our environment, and yet we share the same ecology. All – I live this very much through dance – is relative, beyond, behind, between. Before, I thought that even if we would disagree, along the way we would find the end of an argument and say: this is right. Well, there is more than that.


That’s very much a bodily sensation,
the sense of endlessness.


In the present moment I
sense my body as organs, muscles, bones, liquids, light. It’s imagined, but also very real.