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15 dies dempeus Elena Córdoba

15 Dies Dempeus

<< Remember that passus, in Latin, is a passive participle of two verbs: pando which means to open, unfold, extend, as when the compass of the legs is opened in the mere act of walking, or as the whole space is widened with a simple movement of arms; and patior, which means to suffer, to suffer to abandon oneself to a pathos. Let us remember that step is a word of space that opens, the step that allows us to move forward, the step or passage that allows us to cross, when not transgressing, the wrong step or the wrong step that leads us down the wrong path. But it is above all a word of time that unfolds according to different possible rhythms: “at a good pace” means without delay, “step by step” means progressively, “at a step” means “about”, “past” means long ago, “passenger” means ephemeral. In short, the language knows well what it does, because pas, in French, gives us the pattern, the adverb of negation. >> The dancer of loneliness. George Didi-Huberman


For years Elena Córdoba has been building her work through the anatomy of the body; it is as if she sought in the internal structure of the body the origin of its acts, or perhaps, simply the reason for its movements. To work in this way she decided to isolate the body in parts, as anatomists do, so that she could look at its constitution and matter from different angles. Through these imaginary dissections she continues to approach the body.


In this impromptu-shaped performance Elena Córdoba proposes an anatomical study of the legs and feet, in them is written our position and with it our nature. Looking at our position in this way, it is very easy for dance to appear as a logical or subversive emanation. Imagine 15 days standing as a carnal walk through the muscles, joints, and acts (proper and improper) of the legs. Observing what it means, anatomically, to have the body standing, to hold ourselves in this unstable balance that means being upright, being one step away from bowing at any moment.



Direction Elena Córdoba Sound space Nilo Gallego Lighting design Carlos Marquerie Stage space David Benito Performers Alejandro Cinque, Àlex Solsona, Alícia Rodríguez Campi, Angel Zotes, Carles Mallol, Cecilia Gala, Estitxu Arroyo Sánchez, Íñigo Martínez, Manon Siv Violette Duquesnay, Mar Medina, Marie Tamarit, Pepón Prades, Sol Bibriesca, Soledad Marrero, Jorge Horno Photo Elisenda Fontarnau Acknowledgements Municipal School of Music – Hospitalet de Llobregat Arts Center and Colibri studio.


A production by La Caldera, in co-production with the Greek Festival of Barcelona and with the support of the AISGE Foundation